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Owen Paterson & Climate Change II

On ‘Any Questions?’ on the 7th June, the Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, claimed that “the climate has not changed. The temperature hasn’t changed in 17 years”.

This caused some consternation as Mr Paterson’s views appeared to be inconsistent with the evidence that the temperature has changed and is increasing. 

I asked Defra, the department Mr Paterson is in charge of, for evidence supporting Mr Paterson’s claim, and if they supported it.

They have referred me to their public and previously published documents by way of an answer.

This includes this slide from a presentation given to Mr Paterson last year.



This clearly shows that the temperature has increased in the last 17 years.

The circumspection of British civil servants is world class at times.


From Genocide Denial to an OBE

Congratulations to Fiona Fox, OBE

Once she denied the Rwandan Genocide as part of a political group that made a habit of such things.

Now she acts as gatekeeper between science and the public.

She has never apologised for, nor explained writing this:

The lesson I would draw from my visit is that we must reject the term ‘genocide’ in Rwanda. It has been used inside and outside Rwanda to criminalise the majority of ordinary Rwandan people, to justify outside interference in the country’s affairs, and to lend legitimacy to a minority military government imposed on Rwanda by Western powers.

Many of the people I talked to in Rwanda were convinced that they and their families would soon be killed. The sad reality is that while the obsession with ‘the genocide’ lives on, there will never be peace.

It’s strange what people are prepared to overlook.

The Divine Right of DNA Testing

According to The Times, Prince Wiliam’s great-great-great-great-great grandmother was half-Indian.

This isn’t interesting. All humans are related to all other humans, and 7 generations is a long way back.

Also, India didn’t exist as a country at the time William’s ancestor existed (late 18th century).

The Times suggest this may be a reason for William to visit India, presumably because having a tiny amount of DNA originating in South Asia gives Royals the divine right of visitation rights to a former colony. A former colony that, famously, became a republic upon independence and rejected the notion of hereditary monarchs (if not politicians).

The whole story is also an advertorial for a DNA testing company.

As good a reason as any to join Republic.



Owen Paterson & Climate Change

Owen Paterson & Climate Change

November 25 2012, 7:07 AM  by gimpyblog

Last month, the Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, was interviewed on Radio 4’s Today programme and challenged on his views on windfarms and climate change where he made the following claim that appeared to downplay the realities of the human contribution to climate change (transcript):

It is quite obvious that the climate is changing and has been changing for some years, up and down. It is obvious that there is a human element. There are all sorts of other things that affect climate change, like the sun.

Paterson has been accused of climate scepticism by environmentalists and this comment seemed to imply that he was supportive of the theory that climate change is primarily driven by solar activity, something that has been debunked.

I asked for, and was given, a copy of a presentation made to Paterson shortly after his appointment as Environment Secretary to establish how much he had been told about climate change and the human contribution.

On the 10th September, 2012, 6 days after his appointment, Paterson was given a presentation* by a team of experts on the causes, expected impact and the implications for strategic planning of climate change.

This presentation is based on IPCC reports and data from the Met Office and other respected bodies and publications. In particular the following slide makes explicit the massive influence of man made over natural factors in driving the global temperature increase.


It does appear that Paterson has gone against the advice of his department, advice of which he was informed. Regrettably though, circumspection is needed to guard against the easy temptation of partisan political point scoring. Despite the best efforts of environmental reporters and activists there is little more than gossip, innuendo and the behaviour of his in-laws to link Paterson to a climate sceptic position. Given this, the coments made on Today are perhaps better explained as the near inevitable clumsy wording that comes from doing live interviews under pressure than a climate sceptic revealing his true colours.

Besides, despite being Environment Secretary, and head of the Department of Enviroment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), reducing CO2 emissions and developing and sustaining cleaner forms of energy is the remit of the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) and not Paterson’s.


This does not mean that Paterson, and DEFRA, are marginalised. Specific to its remit, it helps develop an evidence base to understand, and help mitigate, the effects of climate change on the UK’s landscape, water bodies and means of food production. Relevant to this is the original subject of Paterson’s interview on Today, and cause of much environmentalist ire, wind farms.

Wind farms is an issue that is extremely divisive for the Coalition government, and Paterson’s concerns are shared by many Tories, including John Haynes, a minister at DECC, whose own Secretary of State, Ed Davey, is trying to marginalise(£).

Given that the government have signed up to the Fourth Carbon Budget, a move to increased non-carbon based forms of energy to reduce emissions is mandatory. Onshore windfarms need not form part of this strategy, but if they are not to be used, then Paterson, and in general the parts of Government that reject them, need to present their evidence for doing so, and their planned alternatives.

I am assuming that the presentation given to Paterson is similar to those given in other departments, if so, it will contain the following slide on the impacts of increases in global temperature:


No serious politician can ignore the implications of this on the country, and, assuming no minister has explicity rejected the evidence base on climate – not something to my knowledge has happened – departmental strategic planning must have taken these temperature rises into account.

Therefore I would rather that press and environmentalist scrutiny of the government focussed less on the soap opera aspects of disagreement over windfarms, or unevidenced allegations of climate scepticism and more on demanding from ministers, of various energetic positions, coping strategies for climate change, even if they are different.

We might even be able to decide on a favoured solution primarily on the basis of evidence.

Andrew Neil and Alex Jones, what they have in common

Viewers of the BBC’s ‘Sunday Politics‘ show were treated to conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, airing his views on the Bilderberg Group this morning.


Jones did his shouty, bumptious thing, while presenter Andrew Neil sneered, all to entertain the viewers.

I am a little surprised by Andrew Neil’s sneering though. After all he and Jones have something in common.

When Andrew Neil was editor of The Sunday Times his paper promoted the theories of Peter Duesberg, who believed in no link between HIV and AIDS. Indeed, the Sunday Times were happy to promote the view that the link between HIV/AIDS was little more than a conspiracy by scientists to get grants.

This is entirely consistent with articles published on Jones’s ‘Infowars’ website.

It’s strange that Neil and Jones didn’t discuss what they had in common.

Incidentally, AIDS denial has killed 100,000s of people. Far more than have died as the result of any imagined conspiracy involving the Bilderberg Group.


update: youtube video added – 1248, 090613

Company that avoids tax uses taxpayer to fund advertising campaign

Apple have been accused of tax avoidance on a massive, global scale.

Tax is used to fund many things, including schools.

Massive tax avoidance typically means less money to spend on things, including schools.

This is a recognised problem by the UK Government.

Essa Academy is a school, funded by the tax payer.

Essa Academy has benefitted from sponsorship by Apple.

Apple use the staff of Essa Academy to advertise their products.

Products which Apple apparently avoid paying much tax on.

Why is an organisation funded by the taxpayer advertising a company that avoids paying tax?