Andrew Neil and Alex Jones, what they have in common

Viewers of the BBC’s ‘Sunday Politics‘ show were treated to conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, airing his views on the Bilderberg Group this morning.


Jones did his shouty, bumptious thing, while presenter Andrew Neil sneered, all to entertain the viewers.

I am a little surprised by Andrew Neil’s sneering though. After all he and Jones have something in common.

When Andrew Neil was editor of The Sunday Times his paper promoted the theories of Peter Duesberg, who believed in no link between HIV and AIDS. Indeed, the Sunday Times were happy to promote the view that the link between HIV/AIDS was little more than a conspiracy by scientists to get grants.

This is entirely consistent with articles published on Jones’s ‘Infowars’ website.

It’s strange that Neil and Jones didn’t discuss what they had in common.

Incidentally, AIDS denial has killed 100,000s of people. Far more than have died as the result of any imagined conspiracy involving the Bilderberg Group.


update: youtube video added – 1248, 090613


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