From Genocide Denial to an OBE

Congratulations to Fiona Fox, OBE

Once she denied the Rwandan Genocide as part of a political group that made a habit of such things.

Now she acts as gatekeeper between science and the public.

She has never apologised for, nor explained writing this:

The lesson I would draw from my visit is that we must reject the term ‘genocide’ in Rwanda. It has been used inside and outside Rwanda to criminalise the majority of ordinary Rwandan people, to justify outside interference in the country’s affairs, and to lend legitimacy to a minority military government imposed on Rwanda by Western powers.

Many of the people I talked to in Rwanda were convinced that they and their families would soon be killed. The sad reality is that while the obsession with ‘the genocide’ lives on, there will never be peace.

It’s strange what people are prepared to overlook.


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